YOUNGER siblings’ rights and healthy eating were among the key issues for pupils heading to the ballot boxes this month.

Wolsingham School’s mock election coincided with the General Election on Thursday June 8, and proved no less dramatic.

Forget the battle between Labour and the Conservatives, in the school’s election there were three main parties vying for power.

James Gray stood for Labour and promised to change school working hours if he was elected.

A group of year seven pupils, meanwhile, formed the Personality Party and campaigned to be recognised as individuals rather than simply as younger siblings.

But it was the Eating Well for Less party that secured the most votes, gaining a clear majority.

Its members, Johno Robinson-Kirwin, Glenn Hodgson and Jack Smith, said they were delighted to have won. They are now working with the school’s nutrition group to explore new ways to promote healthy eating.

Turnout for the mock election was about 66 per cent, similar to that of the General Election.