A HEARTBROKEN community came together yesterday to say goodbye to a caring mother-of-two who was adored by all who knew her.

The family of Anneross Teasdale carried her coffin to St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church in Bishop Auckland on a traditional horse-drawn dray cart to ensure she experienced one last ride through the streets of the town she loved.

Her death on August 4 following a long illness has hit the region’s travelling community hard and hundreds of mourners attended her funeral to pay their respects.

Aged just 35, Mrs Teasdale, nee Railton, leaves behind her beloved husband, John-Boy, and their children John-Ross, 15, and Mary-Kate, nine.

She also enjoyed a close relationship with her parents, Jayne and Eddy, and her extended family, including her cousins, aunts and uncle.

Mrs Teasdale’s cousin Andrew Dowd described her as a “lovely lass” who had a heart of a lion and would do anything to help anyone in need.

“Anneross was an exceptionally good mother, wife and daughter,” he said.

“She adored her children and all of her family and friends. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her.

“She has been in my life for 26 years - I was brought up with her. She was very kind-hearted and she was always laughing and giggling. She loved karaoke and having fun with her friends.

“She will be greatly missed by a lot of people.”

An only child, Mrs Teasdale grew up in Station View in West Auckland and often spoke fondly of the happy times she spent there.

In recognition of the special place her childhood home held in her heart, the funeral procession passed by the street on the way to the cemetery.

Her coffin was covered in red roses and many funeral goers wore special red t-shirts featuring the phrase ‘heart of a lion’

Mr Dowd said his cousin loved being a part of the travelling community and was well-liked and respected by people all over the British Isles.

“She just loved the way of life and the traditions,” he said.

“It is how she was brought up. She loved horses and especially enjoyed going to Appleby Horse Fair with her husband and children every year.”

After she got married, Mrs Teasdale settled in High Etherley with her husband and it was from there that the funeral procession began its journey yesterday morning.

Following the Requiem Mass at St Mary’s Church, Mrs Teasdale’s coffin was carried by dray cart to West Auckland Cemetery, where she was laid to rest.