WHY are councils allowed to levy above inflation council tax increases when they are raking in extra income from new house builds?

In Durham, I would anticipate an increase of more than five per cent for 2108-19 which is nearly double inflation. I would like to see the county council provide value for money, which is not happening at present. The area near Holburn Street in Spennymoor is full of litter, and the Ox Close paths require a road sweeper. The Mayfield’s main path is not up to standard and never gritted.

Festival Walk re-generation is proceeding at a snail’s pace. The parking arrangements for the Bishops Close Health Centre and adjacent chemists are not fit for purpose, despite a plot of land standing empty next to it.

I would ask the county council chief executive to introduce an “Action Plan” for Spennymoor and ensure that our council taxpayers receive value for their money.

Ben Ord, Spennymoor